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One suggestion for getting around this is to use physical noise sources, especially ones based on quantum mechanical principles. However, whether that will remove the correlation with other factors remains to be seen. A device sitting inside a computer is subject to many influences and might not be random even if the truly isolated device would be. Perhaps randomness in isolated quantum systems actually comes from that isolation, leading to true lack of information. 50 Theoretical Introduction to Programming Notion 23: Register Indirection A typical contemporary desktop computer is built on a collection of lowlevel storage cells.

The non-deterministic machine has a special structure, admitting direct parallel implementation. For Turing machines (see page 26), the machine state is the state and location of the cpu together with the state of the tape. This can be encoded as a finite integer. A Turing machine is a countable state machine. The set of subsets of a countable state space is uncountable, which takes us outside the scope of the modern desktop computer entirely. For this reason, the subsets will be restricted to be finite.

Using an expression stack and a result stack, each expression symbol is popped in turn, and used to determine the action to take on the result stack. For example, a + symbol could cause the top two elements to be popped and their sum pushed. Data symbols in the expression are pushed directly onto the result stack. It is usually very easy to convert these actions into Von Neumann machine code. Pure postfix numeric expressions do not need any brackets and are easy to evaluate. Repeatedly take the leftmost operator whose arguments are all known numbers and evaluate it.

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