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1537. • 67 • tlnamam IS reserved for the ollam, whereas the loch/oc has mastered only the basic dian form. e. a lord who is a bard) down to the drtSluc. In hIS edItIon of Uraicecht na Riar (pp. 98-9) Liam Br~atnach demon~trates that the essential difference between the i lill and t~~ bard IS the latter's lack of professional training. I~ addItIOn. e. tp Ur~Icecht na Rlar, the number of stories which a poet must ~ow ISdependent on his grade. whereas a lochloc need only know 30 tales. _. ble variation in his legal' role.

See Price, Eriu 20 (1966) 185-90, and Mac Niocaill, EC 12 (1968-71) 514-5, IJ 1 (1966) 292-8. 13-4 = ZCP 14 (1923) 368 §29. . 85 This institution survived do~n to the 16th century. The general term for It In post-Norman times is coisir, anglicized cosher(y). According to Stanihurst (Holinshed's Chronicles ii (London 1586) 45) such feasts were attended by bards, harpers, gamblers and story-tellers. the food and d~ink con~umed is cuid oidhche lit. 'a night's supper', usually anglicized cuddy. ThiS term IS also attested from Scotland (Skene, Celtic Scotland iii (Edinburgh 1880) 233).

For a discussion of its date, see CEIS 49-50. 9 IP 56 §14. 10 ibid. 54 §8. II ibid. 56 §13. 12 ibid. 54 §6. 13 For dating, see ibid. 4. 14 ibid. 82 §27. 'high-ranking clergy are treated as equal or superior to kings. f 14 cumals,17which is the same as that of a provincial king. 20 Uraicecht Beec " gives the SUI litre 'expert in ecclesiastical learning' the. 21 According to a text on distraint,22 ·'there are three churchmen whose evidence cannot be overturned ¢Yenby a king. They are a sui, a bishop and a hermit (deorad lit.

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