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47 Ca. 45 v. m. w. w. 03 m. 76 s. w. 57 u. 2. 2b 3. Alkynes and allenes C-H str. Terminal/ monosubstituted C-H def. (RC=CH) C=C str. "",'"''' } unsymmetrically disubstituted R1C=CR 2 C=C str. , Allenes (C=C=Cj antisym. 13 m. 43 m. O-H str. , compounds) O-H str. , sh. Polymeric O-H str. , br. compounds O-H str. , sh. chelate compounds O-H str. , br. Primary C-O-H O-H def. 94 s. C-O str. 00 s. , sym. 4. 3 5. Alcohols and phenols Free-OH sh. Intermolecularly hydrogen bonded (Change on dilution) Dimeric (Single bridge Intramolecularly hydrogen ,bonded (no change on dilution) single bridge Secondary C-O-H Tertiary C-O-H Phenols O-H def.

W. s. 72 w. v. m. 33 s. v. ca. 1270 1260-1200 1257-1232 ca. 12 v. v. v. Phenols, tert. , fluorides Alkane, tert. butyl 'Alkane, geminal dimethyl, isopropyl, tert. butyl sym. CH 3 bending Alkane,-C~ C-H def. S=O str. C-H def. O-H def. O-H def. C-F str. C-H def. CH3 def. C-H def. Aliphatic nitro compounds Sulfonyl chlorides Nomatic nitro compounds Alkane, tert. butyl Aromatic tert. amines Sulfones, sulfonamides Aromatic sec. amines Prim. and sec. alcohols Alkanes Aromatic prim. amines Azides Sulfur compounds Alkene (R,CH=CHR2) trans Nitrates Conj.

S. Aryl nitrites C=N str. 52 s. Acyclic u. 25 v.. mIt. -m. P unsat. nitriles C=N str. Boron compounds B-H str. Charged amine derivatives NWvib. 72 s. 72 s. 69 s. 8\ Ca. 2100 ca. 76 w. w. w. Alkynes (RC""CH) 2140-2080 Deuterated alkanes ca. 2000 ca. 00 w. 13 m. 45 w. 46 s. 53 s. Acid anhydrides, conj. 56 m. Alkenes (CHR=CH 2) Amino acids C""N str --N=N;=N str. N=C=N str. C""C str. NH)' str. C-D str. 2000-1501 hydrochlorides 5 ring 5 ring C""C type str. C=O str. C=O str. overtone C-H str. 56 s. Acid anhydride, acyclic C=O str.

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