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By Lewis Aron

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During this richly nuanced review of many of the dimensions of mutuality in psychoanalysis, Aron exhibits that the relational method of psychoanalysis is a robust consultant to problems with strategy and healing approach. From his reappraisal of the thoughts of interplay and enactment, to his exam of the problem of analyst self-disclosure, to his concluding feedback at the relational import of the analyst's ethics and values, Aron squarely accepts the scientific duties attendant to a postmodern critique of psychoanalytic foundations.

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This was particularly true of Mitchell and Greenberg, the most prolific writers of the group. Interpersonalists were quite critical of self psychology, viewing it as a one-person psychology. I think that this attitude led a number of relational analysts to overlook some of the similarities between their own relational model and Stolorow's intersubjective model. Only more recently has Stolorow (1992) made it clear that, although intersubjectivity theory was greatly influenced by self psychology, it was not an outgrowth of it but, rather, developed parallel to it.

Ghent suggests that "the more profound significance of the term relational is that it stresses relation not only between and among external people and things, but also between and among internal personifications and representations" (p. xx). Thus, the relational approach is an attempt to bridge theories that have traditionally emphasized either internal object relations or external interpersonal relations, the intrapsychic or the interpersonal, constitutional factors or environmental factors, one-person psychology versus two-person psychologies.

Levenson (1972) introduced perspectivism to psychoanalysis as a central organizer of his interpersonal approach. While relationalists and interpersonalists vary in their epistemological positions and specifically in how radical or conservative they are in their perspectivism, they all share a perspectivist epistemology if only in their shared emphasis on the contextual nature of clinical perception and interpretation (Fiscalini, 1994). In recent years, with the powerful impact of postmodernism and deconstructionism in academic circles and in cultural discourse more generally, most relational and interpersonal analysts have become increasingly radical in their perspectivism.

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