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By Leah Clifford

ISBN-10: 0062005006

ISBN-13: 9780062005007

ISBN-10: 0062069748

ISBN-13: 9780062069740

Eden did not anticipate Az.

Not his saunter down the seashore towards her. no longer his unimaginable pick-up line. now not the moment, indisputable connection. and never his wings.


So lengthy, happily-ever-after.

Now trapped among existence and demise, cursed to unfold chaos along with her each contact, Eden may be the key within the everlasting fight among heaven and hell. All simply because she gave her middle to at least one of the Fallen, an angel solid out of heaven.

She may possibly lose every little thing she ever had. She might be betrayed by means of these she loves so much. yet Eden aren't a pawn in someone else's video game. Her middle is her own.

And that is basically the start of the end.

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Az cocked his head, his jaw dropping a bit. ” His eyes danced. ” “I live here. ” Eden smiled. Tinfoil swan of leftovers tucked under her arm, Eden stepped through the door Az held open. A thrill jolted through her when his hand touched her back, guiding her past him. The temperature had dropped while they were in the restaurant, the cold air rousing her a bit from her food coma. When they reached the boardwalk, Az turned to her. “I should get going,” he said. ” He held up the dinner he’d ordered to go, but didn’t move, almost seemed to hesitate.

I’m fine, it’s just…” She pulled her arm away slowly, trying to get her bearings. What the hell had that been? Az reached out to her, concern in his eyes. She stepped back, unsure and off-kilter. “You look kinda shaky,” Gabriel said. He’d moved aside, but looked ready to step in if her legs gave out. Luckily, they seemed to be in working order again. “Dinner,” she said. ” Wasn’t even hungry, her brain spat out, let alone starving enough to hallucinate some dreamy lost-in-his-eyes stare down with a stranger.

He held up the dinner he’d ordered to go, but didn’t move, almost seemed to hesitate. She nodded, shifting to lean against the railing, struggling to think of something to say, an excuse to keep him there. “Thank you, for convincing me to come,” she said finally. ” Az tapped the heel of his hand against the bag he held. ” Something in his gaze stopped her from calling him out for how cheerful he’d been on the beach, made her take him at his word. She wondered how he managed to hide it so well.

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