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By Anne Osterlund

ISBN-10: 0142414379

ISBN-13: 9780142414378

With a previous too poor to talk of, and a bleak, lonely destiny sooner than her, Aerin Renning is stunned to discover she has earned a spot on the so much particular college within the universe. Aerin excels at Academy 7 in all yet debate, the place Dane Madousin - son of 1 of the main strong males within the Alliance - continuously outtalks her. thankfully Aerin regularly outwits him at sparring. they're on the most sensible in their classification until eventually Dane jeopardizes every thing and Aerin is by chance dragged down with him. whilst the pair is given a joint punishment, an unforeseen friendship - and romance - starts off to shape. yet Dane and Aerin either harbor harmful secrets and techniques, and the 2 are associated in methods neither of them may perhaps ever have imagined. . . .

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Yes, Dr. ” “Oh, and Mr. Xioxang, no more calls . . ” At the sound of fading footsteps, Aerin allowed a thin stream of air to exhale from her lungs. At least the hawk with his probing stare would not be present for her interrogation. Then light slammed into the room. Her chest lurched as she clamped her eyelids shut and pressed her back against the wall. Clicking skidded over her eardrums. “The bulb must be out,” came the smooth voice. ” Aerin cracked her protective lids wide enough to make out the rigid figure in the doorway.

Protests suddenly filled the room. The other students thrust themselves into the conversation all at once. Their chairs scraped across the floor, and comments hurtled in Dane‟s direction. Aerin looked around, startled. How could a simple remark cause such a strong reaction? Dane, himself, appeared neither surprised nor disturbed by the protests. If anything, he seemed to enjoy them. Instead of trying to field the barrage, he waited for it to subside, then picked up the earlier thread of the debate.

Aerin watched him from the corner of her eye with irritation. As always, he appeared relaxed. The rattling of his pen against his chair was the only sign he was even awake. The rest of the class, meanwhile, waited in stark silence, anxious over the looming announcement of the day‟s topic. Hands gripped the sides of desks. Teeth gnawed on fingernails. Gazes fixed on the teacher at the front of the room. Xioxang also waited, his infamous stare pinned to Dane‟s pen. For a moment the rattling grew louder, then came to an abrupt stop.

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