ADO ActiveX data objects by Jason T. Roff PDF

By Jason T. Roff

ISBN-10: 1565924150

ISBN-13: 9781565924154

This publication is a one-stop advisor to ADO, the common info entry resolution from Microsoft that enables quick access to facts from a number of codecs and structures. It comprises chapters at the Connection, Recordset, box, and Command items and the homes assortment; ADO structure, information shaping, and the ADO occasion version; short introductions to RDS, ADO.NET, and SQL; and a complete alphabetic connection with each ADO item, technique, estate, and occasion.

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4 Accessing ADO with VBScript ActiveX Data Objects can be accessed from within server-side scripts via Active Server Pages, better known as ASP (which in this case does not stand for Application Service Provider). Although this book does not go into ASP in detail,[1] a brief explanation of the technology is needed to understand how to develop VBScript code that uses ActiveX Data Objects. [1] For more detailed information, see ASP in a Nutshell, Second Edition by A. Keyton Weissinger (O'Reilly & Associates, 2000), which goes into depth about how to incorporate ADO into your ASP pages.

Along with IIS, you must of course have installed ADO, which is part of the MDAC installation. MDAC and IIS are included as part of the Windows 2000 operating system. inc to the directory in which your HTML pages that use ADO reside. 2 Creating ActiveX Data Objects In VBScript, the Variant is the only datatype. This type can represent just about any type of information that you could possibly want it to. Although in Visual Basic developers usually try to avoid using the Variant datatype at all costs, it is a necessary component of almost any VBScript code.

These collections are supplied automatically by ADO. Figure 2-8 illustrates the Properties collection and Property object's object model. Figure 2-8. The Properties collection and the Property object's object model In order to fine-tune all of these objects -- the Connection, Command, Recordset, and Field objects -- ADO offers the Properties collection. This collection contains individual Property objects that allow dynamic characteristics of the data source belonging to the current data provider to be accessed within each object.

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