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Excel is by means of some distance the main commonly dispensed facts research software program yet few clients are conscious of its complete powers. complicated Excel For clinical info research takes to the air from the place such a lot books facing clinical functions of excel finish. It specializes in 3 areas-least squares, Fourier transformation, and electronic simulation-and illustrates those with wide examples, usually taken from the literature.

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X 4/5! - x 617! + ... --? 1 for x --? O. If you encounter this problem in a spreadsheet, you can use the series expansion or, simpler, sidestep it by using a very small value instead of O. Even if you take x as small as 10-300 , close to the smallest number it can represent, Excel will return 1 for [sin(x)]lx. But for x = 0 you will get the error message # DIV /O! without a numerical result. 1 The binomial coefficient There is an old birdwatcher's trick. When one person enters a blind, birds that have seen this will remember that someone went in until he or she comes out again.

Note that the quantities [H+]' and [OW]' are directly proportional to the Gran plots (G. Gran, Analyst 77 (1952) 661) for this type of titration. (27) The above are purely theoretical plots. They suggest that the equivalence point of the titration can be found simply by looking for that value of Vb where~' is zero. , by linear interpolation in the table for ~' as a function of Vb for ~' = O. (28) We now make the transition to practical data analysis. In cell Dl3 deposit the label offiet=, in cell Dl4 the label na=, and in cell Nl8 the heading "noise".

One such color scheme borrows from geographic maps (with the sequence black, blue, green, yellow, white), another from black body heat radiation (black, dark red, red, orange, yellow, white). , use the color sequence of the rainbow (from black via violet, blue, green, yellow, orange to red), which provides vivid pictures with great contrast but only a rather weak illusion of height. 20 15 10 5 0 -5 -10 -15 -20 -20 - 15 -10 -5 0 5 10 15 20 Fig. 2: The application of Mapper to the central part, BY109: FU209, of the data array used for Fig.

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