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I took his head. The moon was not yet clear of the high buildings on the other side of the Park and the night was young. I looked up at the calm, proud faces of the immortals along the edge of the Park as I came out with Griswold’s head. I summoned a car. Within minutes I was back in my mansion, with my trophy. Before I would let the surgeons treat me I saw that the head was taken to the laboratory for a quick treatment, a very quick preparation. And I sent out orders for a midnight Triumph. While I lay on the table and the surgeons washed and dressed my wounds, the news was flashing through the city already.

The thyroid . . and the other endocrines . . can be reset to regenerate your body indefinitely. " In the mirror over the fireplace Fenwick saw his red visitor’s hand sink softly into the back of Fenwick’s head. He felt a sudden dizziness. "Thalamus and pineal," the devil murmured. "The space-time cognition is subjective . . and now you’re independent of your external environment. One moment, now. There’s another slight . " His wrist twisted suddenly and he drew his closed hand out of Fenwick’s head.

These are some of the highly original and vividly written stories you will find in this selection of a master’s work. Science fiction and fantasy grow constantly in popularity. Writing of this quality and imagination is the reason. Henry Kuttner demonstrates again in this book why more and more readers are becoming devotees of that intriguing fiction which is not content to stay in the world as we see it and know it, which takes us to the farthest reaches of space and time, to the farthest reaches of the human mind.

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