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We’ll meet this function later on in the section called “Aggregate Functions” in Chapter 7. This sample GROUP BY query produces a count of articles in each category. This seems innocuous enough, because it’s so simple. The GROUP BY clause proves difficult for some people only when more complex queries are attempted. Grouping is a concept that takes a bit of effort to understand, so Chapter 5 focuses entirely on that. An Overview of the SELECT Statement The HAVING clause works in conjunction with the GROUP BY clause, by specifying conditions which filter the group rows.

Appendix A explains how to set up a testing environment for five popular database systems—MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle—and Appendix C contains a number of DDL scripts you can try running if you wish. CREATE, ALTER, and DROP Of the many DDL statements, CREATE, ALTER, and DROP are the three main ones that web developers need to be aware of. ) Even if you haven’t been granted the authority or permission to execute DDL statements on a given project, it helps to know the DDL to see how tables are structured and interconnected.

The UPDATE statement operates on multiple rows simultaneously, but only on those rows specified by the WHERE clause. Notice that the existing value of the salary column is used to determine the new value of the salary column. UPDATE operates on each row independently of all others, which is exactly what we want, as it’s likely that the salary values are different for most rows. Finally, there is the DELETE statement. 17 18 Simply SQL The DELETE Statement The DELETE DML statement is similar to the DROP DDL statement, in that it removes objects from the database.

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