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By Joe R. Lansdale

ISBN-10: 0375897488

ISBN-13: 9780375897481

Jack Catcher's mom and dad are dead--his mother died of a disorder and his dad of a damaged heart--and he desires to get out of Oklahoma, the place airborne dirt and dust storms have killed every little thing eco-friendly and hopeful. So while former classmate Jane Lewis and her little brother, Tony, appear in his backyard with plans to scouse borrow a useless neighbor's motor vehicle and make a holiday for Texas, Jack does not desire a lot convincing to compliment them. yet a run-in with one of many era's such a lot infamous gangsters places a crimp in Jane's plan, and shortly the 3 little ones are driving the rails between hoboes, gangsters, and con males, racing to warn a carnival-wrestler-turned-bank-robber of the chance headed towards him quicker than a black snowstorm at the prairie horizon. This highway journey event is a colourful journey via Depression-era America.

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Took his whole family. Was gone two months. He said it wasn’t the paradise you’d think. They called everybody that come out there Okies, even if they wasn’t from here. People got beat and robbed and taken advantage of, and with so many folks scrambling for jobs, there weren’t many to be had. He come back to Oklahoma, though he said it was like it was when he left. He wanted to go somewhere else, but his truck broke down and they couldn’t go nowhere else unless they walked. ” “We need more than oranges, and greenery is nice to look at, but the main green we need is dollar green,” I said.

In the morning we got up and took a look outside. It looked okay. There was a patch of scrub oaks that ran down by the dry bed of a long-gone creek behind the house. It went a long ways in the direction of Turpin’s place, and that seemed to me to be the way to go. The trees and the creek bank would give us some protection against any sudden storm that might come up, and it was shaded a little. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a plan of some sort. We went down behind the house with our bags, and it was hard going until we got near the creek bed.

I had buckets of water pumped up from our well in the barn, it was the one good thing about our place. All the other wells was dry or near dry, but ours kept pumping. The barn kept the sand from blowing in as bad as it might, so our well hadn’t dried up like so many others. I had put a rag over the water buckets, and the top of the rag was dark with dust. I got the dipper and shook the dust off it and lifted off the rag and dipped me a drink and put the rag back. The water tasted like I was dipping it out of a mud puddle.

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