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By P. Kebabian, et. al.,

Книга, посвященная деревообработке и столярному делу.

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Bronze Age axes: Above: Late form, cast in a mold, with hollow socket at top to receive crooked wooden handle. Length, 5Vs inches. Below: Earlier form, hammer hardened. Length, 5 inches. 21 AMERICAN WOODWORKING TOOLS • prevail ed on a member of th e tribe to m ake a stone axe and recorded the entire proc ess of manufacture. The tool-maker first carefully selected a suitable elongated ovoid stone; for several days he shaped it by removing fine particles with a hand-held hammerstone until he had roughl y obta ined th e shape required for th e blade.

C . 4 Fully fired potter y dates from thi s same era, and th e relati onship between pott er y kilns and confined fires for annealing and smelting metal s is sig nificant. The metallurgical technique of ann ealin g , wh erein lar ge pieces of free copp er were heat ed and cooled as th ey were worked and reworked by hamm erin g to desired shapes, wa s an imp ort ant discover y. Annealing pr events cra cking and fr agm ent ation of th e copper, and hammering doubl es the hardness of th e native metal in th e finished produ ct.

Coopers used a short-ha ndled adz for sha ping th e bevel on the insid e stave ends at top and - - - P EROUSS ION TOOLS The wood clubs that ancient carpent ers and cab inetm akers used to strike chisels, gouges, and other cutting and splitt ing tools have survived to the present day in th e form of carpenter's and wood-carver's mallets. A type common in ea rly Ame rican industry was th e froe club. This was customa rily made from hard map le, beech, or other hardwoods. The maker simply sawed a heavy tree limb of about fi ve inches in diameter to a length of fourteen to twent y inches, and redu ced th e diam eter of one end to a conve nient handl e size with a dr awing knife.

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