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By Jens Ahrens

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This ebook places the point of interest on serving human listeners within the sound box synthesis even if the technique will be additionally exploited in different functions similar to underwater acoustics or ultrasonics. the writer derives a basic formula in line with normal imperative equations and the single-layer power procedure is pointed out as a useful gizmo so as to derive a common answer. He additionally proposes extensions to the single-layer capability strategy which enable for a derivation of particular strategies for round, planar, and linear distributions of secondary assets. in response to above defined formula it really is proven that the 2 confirmed analytical techniques of Wave box Synthesis and Near-field Compensated larger Order Ambisonics represent particular recommendations to the final challenge that are coated by way of the single-layer capability resolution and its extensions.

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Ambisonic decoding with and without mode-matching: Case study using the hemisphere. In 2nd International Symposium on Ambisonics and Spherical Acoustics. Chapter 2 Physical Fundamentals of Sound Fields The present chapter outlines the mathematical and physical tools that are employed in the subsequent chapters. It is not written in a tutorial style but serves rather as a reference. , the volume) of interest. When source-free domains are considered, the wave equation is termed homogeneous and is given by (Williams 1999, Eq.

2 A Brief Overview of Audio Presentation Methods 13 The best-known sound field synthesis methods that receive attention nowadays are Near-field Compensated Higher Order Ambisonics (NFC-HOA) (Daniel 2001) and Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) (Berkhout et al. 1993). For WFS, both an active research community as well as commercial products exist. NFC-HOA on the other hand is primarily employed in research institutions. The SoundScape Renderer (Geier et al. 2008; The SoundScape Renderer Team 2011) implements basic formulations of these approaches.

F. W. (2005). Errors in two-point sound reproduction. JASA, 118(1), 193–204. Neukom, M. (2007, October). Ambisonic panning. In 123th Convention of the AES. Poletti, M. A. (1996). The design of encoding functions for stereophonic and polyphonic sound systems. JAES, 44(11), 948–963. Poletti, M. A. (2005). Three-dimensional surround sound systems based on spherical harmonics. JAES, 53(11), 1004–1025. , & Behler, G (2009). Variable directivity for platonic sound sources based on spherical harmonics optimization.

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