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By Frederick E. Crowe

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First released in 1989, Appropriating the Lonergan notion is an exploration and enlargement of Bernard Lonergan's distinct achievements as a theologian and thinker through the world's best specialist on his writings, Frederick E. Crowe.Comprising twenty-two essays, this quantity is split into designated elements. The 9 essays that represent the 1st a part of the ebook are interested by Crowe's research of the that means and historical past of Lonergan's personal writings. the remainder 13 papers main issue Crowe's growth of Lonergan's claims through inventively constructing and employing them to his personal scholarly endeavours. a large choice of themes is explored during this assortment, from Lonergan's early educational occupation and the evolution of his thought of God, to the dynamic of ecclesial studying and the missions of the Trinity. referred to as by way of one critic 'a fantastic monument to its author's knowledge, humanity, scholarship and solid sense,' this vintage paintings presents sharp insights into the paintings of a profound thinker and theologian.

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It is not that Fr. Lonergan is unconcerned about metaphysics; it is the outcome finally of his method. It is not that he denies Thomist metaphysics; what he arrives at in its essential structure is the metaphysics of St. Thomas. It is merely that a new approach seems indicated by our failure so far to make fruitful contact on a wide scale with modern philosophy, that to begin on a cognitional basis offers real hope of meeting a secular mind largely concerned with methodology, and that the approach through cognitional activity seems to offer the intrinsic possibility of a basic method which will enable us and succeeding generations to do with our mediocre resources in our times what St.

Lonergan has taken Aristotle's two basic questions, an sit and quid sit, linked them sharply to the duae opemtiones intellectus of St. J Presented with data, man wonders, looks for meaning, asks quid sit* The answer is formulated in a theory, a hypothesis. ," an sit* The hypothesis must be tested by verifying its implications. 2 Hence the references, over and over again, both to "the obscurantism that arbitrarily brushes questions 1. Auditors of his seminar}' lectures will remember remarks like, "Suntne quaestiones?

26 EXPLORING It would seem that either Thomism is not what we thought it or we have not yet found the key to unlock its treasures. To face these questions may dispose us to consider the approach finding more favor among Thomists nowadays13 and worked out in full detail by Fr. Lonergan. It is to postpone metaphysics and take our departure from the subject, in the present case, from the dynamism and immanent laws of cognitional activity itself. It is not that Fr. Lonergan is unconcerned about metaphysics; it is the outcome finally of his method.

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