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By M. Mascini

ISBN-10: 0470148306

ISBN-13: 9780470148303

This can be the 1st booklet to aspect bioanalytical applied sciences and strategies which have been built utilizing aptamers in analytical, scientific, environmental, and nutrition technology purposes. After an creation to aptamers, aptamer pursuits, and their normal makes use of, it discusses various purposes with specific awareness to the comparability among aptamer-based biosensors and strategies as opposed to the corresponding immunosensors. Examples of aptamer-based diagnostic suggestions contain whole-cell protein profiling (proteomics) and scientific diagnostics for the excellence of diseased as opposed to fit states. it is a middle reference for analytical chemists, electrochemists, pharmaceutical/medicinal chemists, biotechnologists, and others.

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Preiss, J. , Horwitz, L. , Pendergrast, P. , McCauley, T. , Kurz, J. , Epstein, D. , Keefe, A. D. (2005). Direct in vitro selection of a 2 -O-methyl aptamer to VEGF. Chem Biol 12, 25–33. Burmeister, P. , Killough, J. , Lewis, S. , Horwitz, L. , Thompson, K. , Pendergrast, P. , McCauley, T. , Keefe, A. D. (2006). 2 -Deoxy purine, 2 -O-methyl pyrimidine (dRmY) aptamers as candidate therapeutics. Oligonucleotides 16, 337–351. 22 APTAMERS: LIGANDS FOR ALL REASONS Buskirk, A. , Liu, D. R. (2005). Creating small-molecule-dependent switches to modulate biological functions.

Antisense oligonucleotides: the state of the art. Curr Med Chem 12, 2193–2214. , Toulm´e, J-J. (2002). Apical loop-internal loop interactions: a new RNA–RNA recognition motif identified through in vitro selection against RNA hairpins of the hepatitis C virus mRNA. Biochemistry 41, 5883–5893. Andr´eola, M. , Litvak, S. (2000). Towards the selection of phosphorothioate aptamers Optimizing in vitro selection steps with phosphorothioate nucleotides. Eur J Biochem 267, 5032–5040. , Williams, D. , Eckstein, F.

Many aptamers can be converted into hairpin-shaped beacons by extending one of their extremities by a few nucleotides so as to generate a short sequence complementary to the other end of the oligomer. The length of the resulting double-stranded stem should be adjusted to be opened in the presence of the ligand. , 2001). , 2000). This aptamer was split in two parts, one part of which was reformulated to generate a hairpin-shaped beacon. In the absence of Tat, the two halves are independent. The addition of Tat induces the reannealing of the two RNA halves, which results in fluorescence emission (Yamamoto and Kumar, 2000).

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