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Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics had a profound impression on generations of later philosophers, not just within the historical period but additionally within the medieval interval and past. during this publication, Anthony Celano explores how medieval authors recast Aristotle's Ethics in response to their very own ethical beliefs. He argues that the ethical general for the Ethics is a human one, that's established upon the moral culture and the easiest practices of a given society. within the heart a while, this human average used to be changed through one who is universally appropriate, because its beginning is everlasting immutable divine legislation. Celano resolves the conflicting bills of happiness in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, demonstrates the significance of the advantage of phronesis (practical wisdom), and exhibits how the medieval view of ethical reasoning alters Aristotle's idea of ethical knowledge.

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Aristotle limits the scope of his search by asserting the finite process by which human beings attain moral goodness. If there were an infinite hierarchy of human pursuits, he would search in vain for a unifying moral element to moral behavior. 10 The final human good, as a certain goal (Ti TO TEAoc;), completes or fulfills human existence, and perfection results only in the attainment of the end. The teleological view of nature that is an important feature of Aristotle's natural philosophy appears just as prominently in the discussions on eudaimonia.

Politics, 1323a23-27. 28 Practical wisdom in the moral theory of Aristotle all blessings, like the persons, if such exist, as the poets say, that are in the islands of the blest. 27 The insistence upon the need for moral virtue even for those who dwell as eternally blessed emphasizes the importance of political and moral virtues for all who are said to be happy. Within the practical domain, justice, courage and similar virtues are needed to produce a good human society. Virtuous practices comprise the civic duties that are typical of all good communities (NE l l 78al3-14).

A person may well ask whether one should seek to overcome one's natural corporeal limitations and seek the divinely blissful contemplative life, or should one align the joy of contemplative thought with the civic and familial demands presented to all. :; 6' 6 KQTQ T~V ClAAl]V apET~v: ai yap KQTQ TQUTl]V EVEPYElQL av8pwmKai. The phrase, KaTa T~v iiAAl]V apET~v, refers clearly to practical virtue. b Reconciling Aristotle's two accounts of happiness 25 question remains unclear, since at times he indicates that happiness consists in a full life of many virtues, and at others his enthusiastic praise of the life devoted to theoretical wisdom seems to make all other pursuits, however noble, subordinate to the life of the intellect.

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