Assembly Line Design: The Balancing of Mixed-Model Hybrid by Brahim Rekiek PDF

By Brahim Rekiek

ISBN-10: 1846281121

ISBN-13: 9781846281129

Effective meeting line layout is an issue of substantial commercial significance. meeting Line layout may be obtained by way of technical group of workers operating in layout, making plans and construction departments in in addition to managers in who are looking to examine extra approximately concurrent engineering. This booklet can also be bought by means of researchers and postgraduate scholars in mechanical, production or micro-engineering.

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The GAs work in parallel with a certain number of chromosomes. The set of individuals (solutions, chromosomes) of each generation is called a population. Chromosomes are characterised by their fitness and evolve through successive iterations (generations). A population of solutions is maintained and the evolution plays the role of adaptation of a population to its environment. This adaptation causes the creation of individuals of increasingly higher ‘fitness’. The best solutions are favoured for reproduction every generation and the offspring are then generated from these fit parents using crossover and mutation.

In the case of a HAL, humans may be hung up by the machine, since a dedicated machine or a robot has the same throughput over time, while human effort varies. The varying process times of ALs, lead to buffer sizing problems and resources duplication, etc. The fuzzy logic2 concept can be used to tackle the stochastic nature and the variability of process time [174]. 2 Fuzzy logic is a form of knowledge representation suitable for notions that cannot be defined precisely, but which depend upon their context.

1. Mapping between solution space and search space Generally, the standard chromosome used to represent a solution typically takes the form of a simple string of values called a gene. More formally, a gene can be identified as an equivalence relation over the search space. The particular values that each gene can take are called alleles. For example, if the ‘eye colour’ gene can take values ‘blue’, ‘green’ and ‘brown’ then these are its three possible alleles. The position of a gene in its chromosome is its locus.

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Assembly Line Design: The Balancing of Mixed-Model Hybrid Assembly Lines with Genetic Algorithms (Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing) by Brahim Rekiek

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