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And how can we know that we should? Saying no may be appropriate when no reasonable argument can be made for complying, but what about when one can? At what point might an act of principled defiance veer into recklessness—or zealotry? And even if resistance is justified, what beyond keeping the hands of a few upstanding individuals clean does refusal that’s not tethered to some larger social objective achieve? Philosophers and political theorists have devoted much energy to probing such questions, but often at a high level of abstraction and at a great remove from people grappling with particular dilemmas in real time.

A rookie police officer named Anton Schneider was waiting for him there. “Sir, you no longer have the right to enter these premises,” Schneider said. ” replied Grüninger in a bewildered tone, unaware that a report singling him out had been circulating among Swiss officials. Its author was Gustav Studer, a white-haired bureaucrat with dark-framed glasses who, in response to inquiries posed by Heinrich Rothmund about reports that refugees were still getting into St. Gallen, had launched an investigation to determine why the identity papers of so many Jews in Switzerland indicated they’d arrived just before August 19, 1938, when the new restrictions had gone into effect.

Gallen had demanded nothing of them. Keller ended up publishing his findings in a book, Délit d’humanité: l’affaire Grüninger, which documented what he’d come to view as the real scandal: that a man who’d refused to carry out a policy many Swiss citizens looked back on with shame had lost his job and never received an official apology. Grüninger’s fall from grace was indeed swift and dramatic, a steep downward slide that took him from the company of foreign dignitaries to the cusp of poverty virtually overnight.

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