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This booklet is especially small in quantity yet large in info. It seems to be on the final three days of Christ in this Earth, and the best travesty that has ever occurred in any judicial procedure. the writer indicates how the judicial structures of the Jews and the Romans absolutely broke down. He costs from old historic authors and specialists. really easy to learn and intensely obscure!

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To establish the credibility of his witnesses above all others, before their testimony is entitled to be considered, and in permitting the testimony of a single profane writer, alone and uncorroborated, to outweigh that of any single Christian .... , pages 25, 26. Here are statements regarding the principles of the law of evidence that are of inestimable value to Christians in dealing with their opponents. Many become greatly concerned over the safety of their religion ant the foundations of their faith because they are not able to produce all the evidence demanded by some boasting infidel or sneering skeptic.

226, 227. In the second place, the use of a traitor, and thus an accomplice, in effecting an arrest or securing a conviction was forbidden by Hebrew law. There was no such thing as "turning state's evidence" in Hebrew jurisprudence. This rule was based on Leviticus 19:16-18. "The testimony of an accomplice is not permissible by rabbinic law .... "–"The Criminal Jurisprudence of the Ancient Hebrews," S. Mendelsohn, page 274. ) Of this rule of Hebrew law Chandler says: “ In modern jurisdictions, accomplice testimony has been and is allowed.

V. 2. Hebrew law did not permit any circumstantial evidence in a criminal case. "– "The Martyrdom of Jesus," Rabbi Isaac M. Wise. "–Talmud. This is logical, and is in harmony with the teachings of Jesus. Matthew 5:33-37. ) Under Hebrew law false witnesses were very severely dealt with. Perjury placed a witness in a position as serious as that of the one he testified against. "–"The Trial of Jesus," Chandler, vol. 1, p. 140. This rule is based upon Deuteronomy 19:18-21. Such a rule, if strictly enforced, would soon reduce perjury to a minimum.

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