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Being a hefty, deaf newcomer virtually makes Will Halpin the least well known man at Coaler excessive. but if he befriends the single man much less well known than him, the dork-namic duo has the smarts and guts to determine who knocked off the superstar quarterback. Will can’t listen what’s occurring, yet he’s an outstanding observer.

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Amber looked offended. "I happen to agree with Ms Abercrombie. It's not as if I'm unfamiliar with the poem. Listen to this: The lady came from Boston, He heard them call her Sharon. She was on her way to Frisco to marry a cattle baron. The gunman saw her in the depot: She came within a foot of him that day. And he held his breath as she did pass And her skirts did gently sway. She was satin, lace and elegance, He was leather, sweat and iron. But as she passed her glance did chance To fall upon his face.

Probably already tuning his mind to the business that lay ahead of him, she decided, surprised by the faint disappointment she felt. This was, after all, primarily a business trip for him. She mustn't forget that. The resort Gray's client was considering buying was an impressive, majestic structure perched in the foothills of the even more majestic mountains. It was a considerable distance from the sprawling suburbs of Tucson. The architecture was a modern interpretation of the Spanish style that was so evident in Southwestern buildings.

Amber had found exactly what she was searching for when she'd gone to work for Cormick Grayson. Gray was right. The kind of marriage he was offering was precisely the type to which she was most suited. But there was a little matter of honor and integrity. She didn't love Gray. She liked him, admired him, respected him, but she didn't love him. Amber sometimes wondered if her ability to respond to love and passion had been forever destroyed by the fires of her involvement with Roarke Kelley. " Gray didn't move from the corner of the couch as he watched a myriad of expressions cross her face.

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Between the Lines by Jayne Ann Krentz

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