Bishop Aethelwold: his career and influence by Barbara Yorke PDF

By Barbara Yorke

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?thelwold's lifestyles and his political and ecclesiastical significance within the 10th-century reformation obtain thorough scholarly scrutiny during this appraisal of his lifestyles and paintings. The reviews contain a comparability of ?thelwold's profession with that of different eu monastic reformers; a learn of ?thelwold's starting place at Abingdon; and of his involvement with the political crises of the tenth century. ?thelwold's abilities as a pupil are assessed via surviving Latin and previous Englist texts, and as a instructor from the writings of his scholars. The scholarly paintings of his foundations is highlighted by way of a close examine of the textual content of the Benedictional of St ?thelwold; different essays examine the song and sculpture played and produced at ?thelwold's foundations.Contributors: PATRICK WORMALD, ALAN THACKER, BARBARA YORKE, MICHAEL LAPIDGE, ANDREW PRESCOTT, MARY BERRY, ELIZABETH COATSWORTH

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In Germany and England, the rise of new monarchies was boosted by unprecedented triumphs over old and much-feared enemies. Otto the Great and Edgar the Peaceable were consciously heirs to what the Franks appeared to have lost. Three of the century's more positive aspects are highlighted by the life of Æthelwold. One is the spectacular economic growth, marked by both urbanisation and monetarisation, of the lands controlled by successful rulers. Æthelwold is actually the first Englishman known to have been born in a town, and his Winchester was as conspicuous a beneficiary of commercial development and royal patronage as Otto's Magdeburg.

York II, 71, 495 and 505). 28 For instance in Knowles, op. , p 51. However, Crowland seems to have been an independent foundation by Abbot Thurkytel of Bedford, a kinsman of Bishop Oswald: see D. Whitelock, 'The Conversion of the Eastern Danelaw', Saga Book of the Viking Society (1941), 174-5, and Raban, Thorney and Crowland, pp 812. ), but transferred his interest to Peterborough which was endowed with the site of the former monastery at Oundle (Chronicle, pp 27-8). ) (S 749). Barrow was certainly given to Peterborough, and it is likely that that monastery also received Breedon which had formerly been one of its daughter houses.

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