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By Julie Cragon

Each mom prays, no matter if in simple terms, "Lord, provide me patience!" simply as young children want our love at all ages, so too they continually desire our prayers. Challenged by way of her kid's college important asking, "If now not us, who; if no longer the following, the place; if now not now, when," Julie Cragon all started praying in particular for every of her youngsters. simply as kids want our love at all ages, so too they regularly desire our prayers. Cragon presents prayers for each level in their progress, starting even earlier than they're born and going all of the solution to the purpose after they have gotten mothers or dads themselves.

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78. 56 'he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him', indicating the Eucharist (see Brown 1966: 284-85), but perhaps also relating to the Jewish Wisdom theology (Prov. 5-6). 79 In the letter to the Colossians this 'Christ in you' (N2HTTHYTN) is described as the word of God made fully known. It is the content of the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now made manifest to his saints (Col. 19-23). 1-4 reminds one of Paul's words in his letter to the Romans about a law in his members that leads to sin and death, which imprisons (AMA2T6) the law of his mind that rejoices in the law of God (Rom.

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