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By Susan Beth Pfeffer

ISBN-10: 0547496389

ISBN-13: 9780547496382

“Willa’s frankly portrayed grief, confusion, and uncertainties could have a powerful effect on readers.” –Publishers Weekly, starred assessment Sixteen-year-old Willa is lucky to have a contented combined relations. yet a frantic cellphone name from Pryor, Texas, shatters the calm. Willa’s delivery father has murdered his moment spouse and daughters . . . and the police imagine he’s on his method east to seek down Willa and her mom. As this demanding tragedy unavoidably exposes kin secrets and techniques to Willa and her neighborhood, she struggles together with her personal harmful mystery

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I asked. " I could hear Faye inhale sharply. "Look, sweetie, I'm not the person to tell you," she said. "That's for your momma to do. " I said, but she'd hung up. I called Jack, but I got his voice mail. There was no point leaving a message, so I hung up and went back to the living room. "Budge is Dwayne Coffey's nickname," I said to the officers, who were still sitting there. "An APB means the police are looking for him, right? Did he kidnap someone? " "Why don't we start with you first," Officer Schultz said.

Terri, look, I've gotta talk to you. The news about Budge, it sounds really bad, and not hearing from you has got me worried. Call me the second you get in. I need to hear that you're all right. As soon as you get this message, call. " I called Mom's cell. I got her voice mail. "Mom, something's going on with Faye," I said. "Someone named Budge is in trouble, and there's an Amber Alert for a twin, and I have no idea what she's talking about. " I hung up, and almost without thinking, I called her again.

Yeah," I said. "I do have a question. Why do you and Faye call him Budge? I've never heard you call him that. " "It's his nickname," Mom said. "He was so stubborn. You know, he'd never budge an inch. Granny Coffey named him that. I don't know what people call him now. " I couldn't remember if I'd ever heard Mom talk to Faye about anyone named Budge. If she had, I probably assumed it was another one of Faye's crazy exes. " Mom asked. "I know this must be very hard for you, very confusing. You've never really asked me about Dwayne.

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