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By Aidan Nichols O.P.

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November 16, 1963 Yesterday, feast of the Dedication of the Church. Father Charles English, from Georgia (Conyers monastery) and formerly of Catholic Worker, spoke in chapter, warmly, and then had a heart attack afterwards. He is in Bardstown hospital. First copy of Emblems of a Season of Fury10 was handed to me by Brother Simon [Patrick Hart] just before High Mass. Today, a solemn requiem mass for Dom Gabriel. [Jean] Cocteau, dead. Did I already say this? Moved by a picture of a party, in 1930’s or early 40’s–Cocteau, Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, champagne, smiles, 1939 hairdos–a kind of gaiety that doesn’t seem to exist any more.

A legendary America that sometimes comes back to enchant me though it no longer exists. To accept my life in this context. Not to try to force Louisville into some arbitrary meaning or pattern. It is just that I am now in Louisville and last night I was under those trees, and I do not have to make sense out of it, still less to force it to “make sense,” which would in fact be to insist on an illusion. Two lighted planes, rising from Standiford Field [Louisville airport], came up low over the hospital and swung into the west.

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