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By Peter Moore

An eminent staff of Episcopal students and bishops addresses the center matters raised in Bishop Spong's books and teachings at the Virgin delivery, resurrection, sexuality, scripture, sin, Jesus, tradition, and God. those essays are incisive responses to an articulate and charismatic public determine whose provocative writings have stirred conventional and non-traditional thinkers alike.

While acknowledging that Spong's writing moves a chord with lay humans within the church buildings and most people, the book's authors think a balanced reaction is required. They accomplish this by means of commending the bishop for having the braveness of his convictions whereas not easy his teachings at the cornerstone ideals of Christian tradition.

"Reflection at the resurrection can't be constrained to scholarly scrutiny of some passages....every be aware is an exposition of the resurrection, for each observe indicates how previous occasions, current hardships, and destiny hopes seem to the 1st Christians within the gentle of the truth that Jesus rose physically from the lifeless, Jesus isn't a lifeless guy they bear in mind fondly. His is considered as current, between different issues, within the reflecting and the writing itself." --Excerpt from Can a Bishop Be unsuitable?

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His hermeneutical ap­ proach owes much to the demythologization program initiated fifty years ago by the New Testament scholar Rudolf Bultmann. Like Bultmann and other liberal Protestant theologians, Spong uses the concept of myth in the following ways. r. Myth is a way of speaking of the other world in terms of this world. It uses this-worldly metaphors or symbols to refer to the divine. We might call this a history of religions definition of myth. 2. Myth explains unusual this-worldly phenomena in terms of divine intervention.

This is myth understood as divine intervention. 3 . Myth entails a prescientific view of natural law. The cosmology of the world is three-storied, with heaven above, earth in the center, and hell be­ neath. Hence Bultmann's famous statement that no one could use a light bulb or the wireless and continue to believe in the miracles of the Bible. Spong echoes Bultmann's fascination with the three-decker universe but has moved beyond concerns about light bulbs and radios to a passion for space flight and rocket ships.

Maybe, but how many young people since the Sixties have said "but we Love each other" and lived to regret it? How many children are growing up without fathers because we live in a society where intimate decisions are made on the basis of feelings rather than "coarse" plain promises and covenants? It is worth noting that Bishop Spong promotes what appears to be permissiveness, 24 especially in Living in Sin ? at precisely the historic mo­ ment when that attitude is poised to wreak havoc on the lives of countless people, many of them innocent children who either were left to grow up without an intact family or who never grew up at all because they were not objects of desire and thus were killed in the womb before they ever saw the light of day.

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