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By Michele Dillon

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It's been good documented that American Catholics are typically Catholics all alone phrases, or decide to stay Catholic whereas selectively embracing authentic Church doctrine. yet why do Catholics who disagree with professional Church teachings on significant matters reminiscent of homosexuality, women's ordination, or abortion, and are hence institutionally marginalized, decide to stay Catholic? Why do they remain, while the price of staying and being stigmatized would appear to be more than the advantages they may achieve from switching to non secular teams whose doctrines could validate their ideals on those matters? Michele Dillon, drawing upon in-depth interviews with Catholics who're overtly homosexual or lesbian, advocates of women's ordination, and pro-choice, investigates why and the way pro-change Catholics proceed to stay actively concerned with the Church, regardless of their rejection of the Vatican's instructing on sexuality and gender.

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1 The church hierar1. , the Enlightenment) but to the circumstances and traditions of the communities (the laity) that comprise the church. The history of the Catholic Church contains many diverse strands that contribute to its mult if ace ted identity. This chapter draws on historical accounts of the church to highlight the origins of official teaching on the substantive issues of concern to this study's pro-change Catholics, namely homosexuality, the priesthood, and abortion. It does not provide an exhaustive historical analysis of the development of official church teaching on the specific doctrinal questions.

The canon law decrees compiled (between 1139 and 1150) by the twelfthcentury monk and legal scholar Gratian, restricted ensoulment to the formed fetus and categorized such abortions as homicides (ibid. 90-91). This teaching was given official recognition during the papacy of Innocent III (1198-1216) (ibid. 96-97).

I present data showing attitudinal differences among Dignity, WOC, and CFFC respondents on issues of faith, morality, sexuality, gender, and politics. I also introduce survey data from doctrinally conservative Catholics, respondents from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. These data underscore major differences between pro-change and conservative Catholics over interpretive authority and doctrine. Yet, of particular significance, the comparative analyses also point to several commonalities between the two doctrinally opposed groups.

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