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By Roger Aubert

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B. Duroselle’s preface, op. , p. xi. 5 On this subject, note the pertinent remark made elsewhere by Duroselle: “Did not the semi-failure that marks this immense effort originate in the artificial character which it presented? Exercising the intellect without dreaming of reforming social conditions by fighting for justice, for the improvement of material conditions, resulted either in uprooting from their milieu those who persevered, or in the 1 Recent Contributions to the History of Social Catholicism 53 young people abandoning their missions as soon as they felt in solidarity with this milieu” (in Revue d’Histoire de l’Église de France, 1948, t.

14 S. Scholl, Rond de historiographie der arbeidersbeweging, in De Gids op maatschappelijk gebied (a historiographical summary of the workers’ movement), in The Guide on Social Matters, February-March 1952, p. 179. 15 Dr. S. H. Scholl, O. Praem. De Geschiedenis van de Arbeidersbeweging in het Arrondisement Turnhout vóór 1900 (the history of the workers movement in the district court of Turnhout before 1900). 188 blz. 23 x 15 1/2. Turnhout (Verbond der K. A. , Korte Begijnenstraat), 1950. 16 I mention among others, in another article by Fr.

The original English version given by Browne (op. , pp. 365-378) included a few slight differences, the newspaper version having attenuated certain expressions: these differences are however minimal. ” 11 Gibbons wrote to the rector of the American College in Rome: “The decree is in substance that tolerandi sunt, provided some verbal changes are made in the constitutions of expressions that might be distorted into a bad sense. The particular expressions are not even indicated. Hence I infer that the emendations are suggested to save the Holy Office from a charge of inconsistency, and to get out of the difficulty as quickly as they can” (cited in H.

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