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This examine of Cicero's kind discusses modifications of literary genres, nuances of fashion inside person works, and chronological improvement, via an account of mounted parts regular of Cicero's diction. eventually, chosen interpretative reviews display the connection of favor and context within the orations, with certain regard to literary shape and political or ethical content material. The e-book concludes with an Epilogue at the "De oratore" and the tradition of speech, opposite to inveterate prejudices, Cicero doesn't confine himself to a unmarried (so-called "Ciceronian") type, yet consciously and ably employs the total sign in of types. the writer issues out in what respects a research of his variety should be worthwhile even this present day.

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Many of them are explained in Latin in the text. 136 On Cicero’s borrowings from Greek, cf. Oksala 132–152 with references; Brignoli II. 137 Laurand 81. On compound words in Latin, see Lindner. 138 The lasting influence of many terms coined by Cicero attests to the quality of the Latin equivalents he found, especially in the field of abstract nouns. 143 Participles play an important role in his translations of Stoic terms such as causae efficientes (De Fato 14. 33), causae adiuvantes, causae antecedentes, causae antepositae (De Fato 18.

7–4. 9, and the eulogy on the fallen 14. 12. 31–13. 35; Laurand 339f. 58 See, however, below, pp. 25f. on orations delivered before the people. 59 Cf. below, pp. 21–25. 64 Here Cicero follows his own teachings: ‘It is often useful to make a digression in order to move your audi­ ence’ digredi . . permovendorum animorum causa saepe utile est (De Oratore 2. 77. 311). Yet, the very nature of excursuses sets limits to their use: one of the aims of digressions is to divert the listener (delectare: Brutus 93.

Hofmann/Szantyr 730. 165 Löfstedt 2, 164–165. 166 Ad Quintum Fratrem 2. 13. 2. Löfstedt 165–166; cf. De Legibus. 1. 21. 55; De Re Publica 1. 37. 58; cf. also Wackernagel 1, 59. ’ 167 Cf. De Finibus 5. 11. 31; Orator 67. 226; Löfstedt 2, 167–169. 168 Wackernagel 1, 54. 169 Wackernagel 1, 51; for the use of a genitive instead of an expected dative (in letters and treatises), cf. , 214–215, cf. below, p. 58. ’170 When describing the intellectual development of a child (De Finibus 5. 15. 42), Cicero strikingly often uses parataxis with -que and et; this need not be a mechanical imitation of an alleged ‘ka¤-style’ of Greek philosophy,171 but may be understood as an adap­ tation of the style to the ‘naïve’ subject.

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