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By Isobel Bird

ISBN-10: 0060006064

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ISBN-10: 0060088540

ISBN-13: 9780060088545

Achieve within and select your challenge,Find the trail it's essential travel.What trials have you ever to overcome?What mysteries shall you unravel?Of her circle, Kate has constantly struggled the main in studying the methods of the Craft. As her Wiccan initiation techniques, a last problem threatens to beat her finally.

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Kate wished there was some way she could make up for what she’d done—particularly where her grade was concerned. The bell rang and Ms. Ableman shut the classroom door. She stood behind her desk, a stack of papers in her hand. Looking at them, Kate could tell they were the lab project reports that everyone had handed in the week before—everyone, that is, except for her and Sherrie. She glanced over at Sherrie and saw that she was completely focused on examining her cuticles. For the first time since their friendship ended, Kate felt like she and Sherrie were on the same wavelength.

But she was simply too worked up to rest. Besides, there was something weighing on her mind. That was her challenge. While her approaching meeting with Juliet had occupied most of her waking thoughts, the challenge was lurking in the background. She knew she was going to have to deal with it sooner rather than later. What troubled her was that she thought maybe 46 she’d chosen the wrong one. ” Seeing the instruction, Annie had at first thought it was a straightforward challenge. She simply had to give away something she owned.

Wasn’t it behind her? She’d certainly believed that it was. But she couldn’t imagine what else she might still be afraid of. Except the sharks. They were still around. She sighed. Sometimes magic was really frustrating. It didn’t always behave by the rules, at least not by any rules she could figure out. Of course, that’s also what she loved about it. She herself didn’t always play by the rules. In fact, she almost never played by the rules. That had been her attraction to witchcraft in the first place.

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