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By Garrett Hack

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Vintage Hand instruments finds the wealthy type and heritage of hand instruments via attractive prose and vibrant colour photographs.
«Once upon a time, woodworkers needed to depend upon hand instruments completely yet lately, the advance of strength instruments relegated hand instruments to the prestige of old fashioned antiques. during this e-book, Hack, a contributor to high-quality Woodworking and the writer of The Handplane ebook, rethinks their usefulness. He argues that hand instruments are, often times, higher than their motorized opposite numbers theyre either quiet and, simply because they lack automobiles and generate little or no dirt, quite secure. He covers instruments of all typesAchisels, planes, saws, hammers, and measuring units, a few simple and others fancy. not so good as Aldren A. Watsons Hand instruments Their methods and Workings (Lyons, 1993. reprint.), this ebook does comprise first-class chapters on making and restoring instruments and on deciding to buy used toolsAand the wealth of lovely pictures will make even the main informal woodworker salivate. a great publication, suggested for all public and educational libraries.» AJonathan N. Hershey, Akron-Summit Cty. P.L., OH

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Cut the groove in two or more passes, using a router and ½" straight bit. If the finished depth ends up right between two plies (which doesn’t look so good), cut slightly deeper to expose the next ply down (this is a good reason to test the depth first on some scrap pieces of the same plywood stock). 3. Finish the desktop. Round over all the outside edges of the desktop with the router and a roundover bit. Finish-sand the entire desktop, working up to 220-grit or finer sandpaper. Carefully sand the edges of the pencil groove with fine paper so it is smooth and has a finished look, but don’t round over the edges too much.

Trace the outline of the angle on the desktop, and trace inside the screw holes. At each hole marking, deeply drive a center punch or small nail set into the desktop to create pilot holes for screws; you do not use a drill for these pilot holes. Fasten the angle to the desktop with 5⁄32" x ½" screws, being careful not to overtighten the screws. Repeat to install the remaining inner angle, then install the two angles on the outside faces of the legs. Note: The desktop is not fastened to the leg assembly; it is simply held in place by the angles (which fit over the top edges of the legs) and the top end of the post fitted into the ¼" bore.

The desktop gets a 14"-long, ¼"-deep groove for storing pencils, pens, X-Acto knives, et cetera. This is an optional feature, but it’s highly recommended for anyone who will use the desk for writing or crafts — the pitch and frequent movement of a lap desk means pens and other tools are constantly sliding and rolling away. You can experiment with different dimensions and depths for the groove, using scrap plywood. At a depth of 3⁄16 to ¼", pens and pencils are held securely but are easy to retrieve.

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