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And next it turned out that Mathidia was there among the Apostle Peter’s company, and their sons Faustus and Faustinus were there, who then were calling themselves Niceta and Aquila. Then each member of the family rejoiced in the other and talked between themselves of all that had happened to them since they had parted. And after that the Apostle Peter preached the Faith to Faustinianus and asked him to receive baptism. ’ Then Faustinianus joined company with the Apostle Peter, and he became as obedient and as helpful as if he had been handed over to him to educate in his childhood.

Hon fylgfli skipsborfli nøkkveriu til lands ok gekk síflan á land upp. Hon kom of miflnætti til húss einnar aufligs manns konu ok var flar tekit vel vifl henni. fieir Faustus ok Faustinus stu á skipsflaki, ok es l‡sa tók flá s fleir fara í nónd sér víkingaskip. fieir letƒflu sér ráfls sín á milli hvat tiltœkiligast væri. fiá mælti Faustus vifl Faustinum bróflur sinn: ‘fiessir menn munu taka okkr ok selia mansali. Gefum vit okkr nƒmn ƒnnur en vit eigum áflr. ’ The Life of St Clement 5 Clement. And when they were grown out of childhood, then Bassus, their father’s brother, began to lust after Mathidia their mother and his brother’s wife, and he attempted to see whether he could seduce her with his sorcery.

And they were both martyred for God’s sake and their feastday is a week after Cross Mass in the spring. II Faustinianus held great authority under the Emperor Augustus and he was appointed leader of the senators in Rome and he had stewardship of districts which lie in the neighbourhood of Antioch, the capital city of Syria. His wife was called Mathidia, Roman by birth. She was extremely beautiful in appearance, and very upright and very intelligent, and was assiduous in worshipping heathen gods.

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