By St. Clement

Pope Clement I (fl. 96),also often called Saint Clement of Rome (in Latin, Clemens Romanus), is indexed from an early date as a Bishop of Rome. He was once the 1st Apostolic Father of the Church. Few information are recognized approximately Clement's lifestyles. in response to Tertullian, Clement used to be consecrated by way of Saint Peter, and he's recognized to were a number one member of the church in Rome within the overdue 1st century. Early church lists position him because the moment or 3rd bishop of Rome after Saint Peter. Clement's in basic terms actual extant writing is his letter, 1 Clement (c. 96), to the church at Corinth, in line with a dispute during which yes presbyters of the Corinthian church have been deposed.

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But and if we cannot all be crowned, let us come as near to it as we are able. 12. Moreover, we must consider, that he who contends in a corruptible combat, if he be found doing anything that is not fair, is taken away and scourged, and cast out of the lists. What think ye then that he shall suffer, who does anything that is not fitting in the combat of immortality? 13. Thus speaks the prophet concerning those who keep not their seal; Their worm shall not die, and their fire shall not be quenched; and they shall be for a spectacle to all flesh.

For thus says the prophet: Miserable are the double-minded who doubt in their heart and say, These things we have heard even in the time of our fathers, but we have seen none of them, though we have expected them from day to day. 12. O ye fools! Compare yourselves to a tree; take the vine for an example. First it sheds its leaves, then it buds, then come the sour grapes, then the ripe fruit; even so my people have borne disorders and afflictions, but will hereafter receive good things. 13. Therefore my brethren, let us not doubt in our minds, but let us expect with hope, that we may receive our reward; for he is faithful, who has promised that he will render to every one a reward according to his works.

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