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By Johannes W. Rohen, Elke Lutjen-Drecoll, Chichiro Yokochi

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ISBN-13: 9781582558561

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This Color Atlas of Anatomy beneficial properties full-color images of exact cadaver dissections, with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic photographs. the pictures depict anatomic constructions with a realism unequalled via illustrations in conventional atlases and exhibit scholars specimens as they're going to seem within the dissection lab.

Chapters are prepared by means of quarter so as of ordinary dissection, with buildings provided either in a systemic demeanour, from deep to floor, and in a nearby manner.

This variation has extra medical imaging, together with MRIs, CTs, and endoscopic options. New snap shots contain clinically suitable nerve and vessel types and adversarial muscle capabilities. Many older pictures were changed with new, high-resolution photographs. Black-and-white dissection photos were changed with colour photography.

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2010 13:47 Uhr Seite 22 Bones of the Skull 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Frontal bone Glabella Supra-orbital margin Supra-orbital notch Trochlear spine Parietal bone Temporal bone Nasal bone Orbit 9 Lacrimal bone 10 Posterior lacrimal crest 11 Ethmoidal bone Sphenoidal bone 12 Greater wing of sphenoidal bone 13 Lesser wing of sphenoidal bone 14 Superior orbital fissure 15 Inferior orbital fissure 16 Zygomatic bone Maxilla 17 Frontal process 18 Infra-orbital foramen 19 Zygomatic process 20 Body of maxilla 21 Alveolar process with teeth Nasal cavity 22 Anterior nasal aperture 23 Middle nasal concha 24 Inferior nasal concha 25 Nasal septum, vomer Mandible 26 Body of mandible 27 Ramus of mandible 28 Mental foramen 29 Alveolar part with teeth 30 Base of mandible 31 Mental protuberance 30 Sutures 32 Frontal suture 33 Coronal suture 34 Frontonasal suture 35 Internasal suture 36 Nasomaxillary suture 37 Zygomaticomaxillary suture 38 Intermaxillary suture Anterior aspect of the skull.

Canals, fissures, and foramina of the base of the skull 1 Superior orbital fissure 2 Foramen rotundum 3 Optic canal 4 Foramen ovale 5 Foramen spinosum 6 Internal acoustic meatus 7 Jugular foramen 8 Foramen magnum Bones 9 Frontal bone (orange) 10 Ethmoidal bone (dark green) 11 Sphenoidal bone (red) 12 Temporal bone (brown) 13 Parietal bone (yellow) 14 Occipital bone (blue) 17 Digitate impressions (frontal bone) 18 Lesser wing of sphenoidal bone 19 Foramen lacerum 20 Hypophysial fossa (sella turcica) 21 Anterior clinoid process 22 Trigeminal impression 23 Petrous part of temporal bone 24 Groove for sigmoid sinus 25 Dorsum sellae (posterior clinoid process) 26 Greater wing of sphenoidal bone, groove for middle meningeal artery 27 Hypoglossal canal Details of bones 15 Crista galli 16 Cribriform plate Base of the skull (internal aspect, superior view).

Maxilla 19 Maxillary tuberosity 20 Frontal process 21 Orbital surface 22 Infra-orbital margin 23 Infra-orbital groove 24 Zygomatic process 25 Alveolar process Left palatine bone (medial aspect, posterior aspect to the left). Left palatine bone (anterior aspect). Right maxilla and right palatine bone (lateral aspect). 2010 13:47 Uhr Seite 41 Disarticulated Skull II: Palatine Bone and Maxilla Occipital bone 1 Squamous part Sphenoidal bone 2 Dorsum sellae 3 Superior orbital fissure 4 Lesser wing 5 Greater wing (orbital surface) 6 Lateral pterygoid plate 7 Medial pterygoid plate 1 Ethmoidal bone 8 Crista galli 9 Ethmoidal air cells 10 Perpendicular plate 11 Orbital plate Palatine bone 12 Horizontal plate (nasal crest) Maxilla 13 Frontal process 14 Inferior orbital fissure 15 Infra-orbital groove 16 Orbital surface 17 Infra-orbital foramen 18 Zygomatic process 19 Anterior lacrimal crest 20 Canine fossa 21 Alveolar process with teeth 22 Anterior nasal spine 23 Juga alveolaria (elevations formed by roots of teeth) 24 Lacrimal groove 25 Maxillary tuberosity with alveolar foramina 26 Palatine process of maxilla Part of a disarticulated skull.

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