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By Victoria Ashton

ISBN-10: 0061902896

ISBN-13: 9780061902895

Why I hate Cameron Warner:

1. She stole my boyfriend.

2. She is the richest teenager in NYC, with extra dressmaker sneakers than a division store.

3. i must plan a celebration so she will be topped Debutante of the yr. Like I care!

4. Did I point out: She stole my boyfriend!!!!

Sixteen-year-old Adrienne Lewis is a nanny within the excellent Warner penthouse excessive above new york. on a daily basis, Adrienne watches eight-year-old Emma after university and continuously tangles with Emma's attractive yet depraved teenage part sister, Cameron.

In the intervening time, Adrienne's ally, Liz Braun, has additionally gotten stuck within the seductive internet of society, going out on jaw-dropping dates with the devilishly good-looking and filthy rich Parker Devlin.

But is Parker enjoying Liz, or is that this simply how the wealthy play? and will cash really purchase every little thing for women like Cameron—including Adrienne's personal boyfriend?

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I just need you to take some notes for me. ” It was Gloria, Mrs. Warner’s personal assistant, who had quit. If I’m not careful, I’m going to get sucked into doing two jobs instead of one, Adrienne thought. “All right, Mrs. Warner, ” she said reluctantly, picking up a pad of paper and a pen. “But I have to get Emma to her piano lesson in an hour. ” “Oh, you are a love, ” Mrs. Warner cooed. ” she asked no one in particular. “Back to work, dahling, ” a tall woman drawled. “The-ah is so much to do.

But, really! How dense is he? ” Brian looked offended. ” Adrienne shook her head. “No, Brian. You’re too good for her. Can’t you see she’s using you? You know she’s not the kind of girl for you. So maybe you two had a fling or whatever. We can still work it out. ” She looked up at him, her eyes huge with hope. Brian sighed. “We were getting too intense, Adrienne. Let’s just take some time off to explore and see what we really want. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear, but I really think it’s for the best.

Well, it’s just that Parker Devlin and I are both so busy that it’s hard for us to see each other, ” Liz said, hoping Dr. M-C would go into snob overdrive. “Parker? ” Dr. M-C repeated in astonishment. As Liz had figured she would, Dr. M-C practically salivated just by saying the name. Dr. M-C was the biggest social climber in New York, and everyone knew it. “Yes, ” Liz replied. ” “I remember, ” Dr. M-C said. “It’s just that I thought that was a one-time . . well, I’d think that he’d want a girl who .

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