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The coaches that I have worked with have taken the time to build a positive attitude in the reserve group and the regular players also take time to mention the importance of the depth of their team when talking to the media. Spending time with these players is also an important role for the sport psychology consultant and I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with these reserve players and helping them stay mentally and emotionally fit. SUMMARY Professional hockey players face many mental, emotional and physical challenges during the long, gruelling playoff journeys.

FMRI provides both structural and functional information about the brain as the subject / athlete is asked to engage in specific thoughts, feelings, and action. Although fMRI methodology is exploding in nearly every discipline that seeks to understand the brain and human behavior, sport scientists have been slow to move into this area of research, in part because of their lack of familiarity with the technique and the related expense associated with fMRI scanning methodology. One exception is the work of Dr.

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