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By Thomas Merton

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The sixties have been a time of restlessness, internal turmoil, and enthusiasm for Merton in which he heavily the careening improvement of political and social activism – Martin Luther King, Jr., and the March on Selma, the Catholic employee move, the Vietnam conflict, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. quantity five chronicles the technique of Merton’s 50th birthday and marks his flow to Mount Olivet, his hermitage on the Abbey of Gethsemani, the place he used to be ultimately capable of totally include the thrill and demanding situations of solitary lifestyles: ‘In the hermitage, one needs to pray of visit seed. The pretense of prayer won't suffice. simply sitting won't suffice . . . Solitude places you together with your again to the wall (or your face to it!), and this can be stable’ (13 October, 1964).

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That seriousness again. ” And this is true (though “repress” is the wrong word). The real judgment is that our idea of left and right is not the true view, and that our hopes and fears, on the human level, have proved deceptive. (The visual imagination in Barth–like the Cathedrals. ) “We (Christians) must not sit among them (non-Christians) like melancholy owls” [Dogmatics in Outline] (p. 32). ” But this is what is not clear in Michelangelo’s Last Judgment. 28 October 28, 1963. Saints Simon and Jude The falling leaves, crowds of them, flying across the narrow novitiate lawn and the Zen garden (still unfinished–it needs the big rock).

147). But this invitation is to be patiently endured. We wait for the Kingdom “recognizing each other in longing and humility in the light of the divine humor” (148). 7 Merton translated The Solitary Life: A Letter of Guigo, published by Stanbrook Abbey Press, 1963. 30 It is clear and cool as if it had rained. But there has been no rain. Ramparts [Vol. 2, Christmas 1963] came with my Black Revolution and Griffin’s very moving dialogue with Father August Thompson–Negro pastor in a small Louisiana town (I met him here late one evening coming in from Louisville).

Hence the Father’s will is not that the Son suffer, but that He use His freedom as He pleases in order to save man. And Jesus, out of love for the Father, chooses the way of total renunciation of power. , of the three divine Persons and so of the Word. Thus it is Christ’s own will in so far as He is a divine Person. The will of God is then that the human will of Christ be free to specify by what means man is to be saved. And Christ, as man, elects to save man by the renunciation of power, by total poverty, annihilation and death since in this glory of the Father is manifest–the glory that leaves man free to choose, within the limits of truth.

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