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By A. V: Aho, J. E. Hopcroft, J. D. Ullman

ISBN-10: 0201000237

ISBN-13: 9780201000238

This e-book provides the information constructions and algorithms that underpin a lot of today’s desktop programming. the foundation of this booklet is the fabric inside the first six chapters of our past paintings, The layout and research of computing device Algorithms. we've got accelerated that assurance and feature further fabric on algorithms for exterior garage and reminiscence administration. as a result, this booklet will be appropriate as a textual content for a primary path on info buildings and algorithms.

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LINQ to SQL translates LINQ queries into Transact SQL (T-SQL) for SQL Server. NET Entity Framework. NET Entity Framework to query the conceptual model defined by the ORM. NNote It is possible to write your own LINQ provider by inheriting EMqanu]^ha8P:. Alternatively, as mentioned previously, many LINQ providers are freely available on the Internet, such as LINQ to LDAP, used to translate LINQ queries into LDAP queries. A LINQ implementation provides EMqanu]^ha8P: classes containing implementation details to interpret a query for a specific data source.

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