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By Stuart M. Kaminsky

ISBN-10: 1416523901

ISBN-13: 9781416523901

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Don shook his head and watched the paramedics move the Dumpster and zip the dead man into a black bag. The quartet didn't move. They watched silently until the body was well down the alley. Mac noticed a trio of wrapped fortune cookies lying in the snow where the Dumpster had been. He knelt and picked them up. Mac and his wife had been to Ming Lo's once. They'd had fortune cookies that night. He didn't remember what they said.

It's possible," Aiden said, knowing where this was going. "I'll go with you," Mac said. They had both seen stranger things than a spent bullet sliding into a small space and getting lost or stuck. It could be a dirty job. Aiden hid a sigh and wished for a cup of coffee. The elevator came to a slow gentle stop at the penthouse floor and the doors opened silently. Mac stepped forward and used the knocker. Both Aiden and Mac could sense a presence behind the door looking at them through the peephole.

Done," answered Big Stevie Guista. Big Stevie had made the phone call from a bar down the street from Zabar's. html[4/5/2011 9:37:06 AM] sausages, rolls, cheeses— a large slice of Gorgonzola, his favorite-flavored spreads, soft drinks, and powdered sugar cookies. His plan was to have a mini-birthday party with Lilly, the little girl who lived across the hall from him. Her mother would be at work. If Big Stevie had ever gotten married and had ever had kids, his grandchildren would be Lilly's age.

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Dead of Winter by Stuart M. Kaminsky

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