Download e-book for iPad: Dietary Fats, Prostanoids and Arterial Thrombosis by Gerard Hornstra M.D. (auth.)

By Gerard Hornstra M.D. (auth.)

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Knowledge of mechanisms taken with the pathogenesis of occlusive arterial dis­ eases is key for the layout of prevention and remedy. a chain of reports in response to in vitro investigations, the experimental animal and the person have slowly elevated our knowing of cardiovascular ailments and unveiled their secrets and techniques to us. over the past 60 years it's been as a rule assumed that nutritional fat and lipids and the prevalence of atherosclerosis are heavily similar. but, whether epidemiological reviews sincerely point out the life of an organization among the quantity of composition of nutritional lipids and morbidity and mortality of aerobic­ vascular ailment, our easy wisdom on reason and impact remains to be hidden in a cloud of uncertainty. the current e-book discusses the relation among nutritional lipids and arterial throm­ bosis, which latter approach has been saw within the coronary arteries in as much as ninety% of matters with acute myocardial infaction. during this quantity Dr. Hornstra, who has occupied himself with thrombosis examine with never-failing enthusiasm, nice ability and demanding process for the final fifteen years, attempts to set up attainable hyperlinks among lipid metabolism and thrombosis. His literature stories are complete and his investigations are notable in that they provide a brand new size and a brand new technique to investigate of lipids and thrombosis.

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Usually, plasma free fatty acid (FF A) concentrations indicate the sum of the protein-bound and unbound fatty acids. It should be realized that the protein-bound free fatty acids are much less 'aggressive' than the free fatty acids, the concentration of which is generally very low. g. myocardial infarction), fatty acid mobilization may become so massive that the binding capacity of the plasma proteins is exceeded and the plasma FF A-level increases considerably [777]. The possible implication of this condition for platelet function and arterial thrombogenesis will be discussed in Chapter 9.

2. Phospholipids Phospholiids have a glycerol backbone, like triglycerides, but in the 3-position it is esterified to phosphoric acid. Hydrocarbon groups are attached to the 1- and 2positions (Fig. 7). At the 2-position this group is largely a (poly-)unsaturated fatty acid; at the I-position, it usually is a saturated fatty acid. Sometimes, the hydrocarbon chain is attached to the I-position of the glycerol moiety via an ether H2 oII C-O--C--R1 H o II C--O--C--R2 o II O--C-- R3 Fig. 6. Structure of triglyceride molecule.

1 9,10-position, see Fig. B). 1 9,10-position. 1s-desaturase introduces a double bond between the 5th and the 6th C-atom. 1s,9-position. 1 7 ,s-positions. It introduces a double bond between the 4th and the 5th C-atom, again counted from the carboxyl group. 19 So far, no other desaturases have been found in mammalian tissue and the conditions mentioned above therefore imply that: - no double bonds can be introduced between the Ll1 and the Ll9 psition (see Fig. 1) - any further double bond is introduced between the carboxyl group and the nearest double bond present.

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