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3. How does Jonas explain his community’s treatment of the elderly? 4. What is Jonas’s first lie to his parents? 5. What does Fiona ask Jonas to do the day of the Unscheduled Holiday? 6. What is Father’s pet name for Jonas? 7. Why does Jonas dread the end of his training? 8. How did The Giver feel about Rosemary? 9. Why was Rosemary’s training a failure? 10. What is Father’s role in the twin’s Release? © 2006 Saddleback Educational Publishing 30 Focus on Reading: The Giver STUDENT NAME ___________________________________________________ DATE__________________ V.

Fugitives: ________________________________________________________________ 6. “As he pedaled through the nights. . ” vigilant: ________________________________________________________________ 7. ” subtle: __________________________________________________________________ 8. ” meager: ________________________________________________________________ 9. ” lethargy: ________________________________________________________________ © 2006 Saddleback Educational Publishing 34 Focus on Reading: The Giver STUDENT NAME ___________________________________________________ DATE__________________ VI.

A long robe 7. What was The Giver’s daughter named? a. Lily b. Fiona c. Rosemary 3. Why does The Giver choose to stay behind? a. to help the people b. to destroy the memories c. to select a new Receiver 8. Who has become Jonas’s closest friend? a. Asher b. Gabriel c. The Giver 9. What does Jonas steal from his father? a. his bicycle b. his wallet c. his uniform 4. Who is the next candidate for Receiverin-Training? a. Lily b. Gabriel c. Katharine 10. What terrifies Jonas the most as he and Gabriel flee?

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