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Downhill all of the method, by way of Woolf, Leonard

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And just as the mother feels acutely the slightest criticism of her child, so any criticism of her book even by the most negligible nitwit gave Virginia acute pain. It is therefore hardly an exaggeration to say that the publication of a book meant something very like torture to her. The torture began as soon as she had written the last word of the first draft of her book; it continued off and on until the last reviewer, critic, friend, or acquaintance had said his say. And yet, despite her terrifying hypersensitivity, there was in Virginia an intellectual and spiritual toughness which Desmond lacked.

In the three years I 92 I to I 924 she wrote Mr Bennett and Mrs Brown (published in I 924), and prepared or wrote the material included in Monday or Tuesday (published in I 92 I) and The Common Reader (published in I925). In I922 she began Mrs Dalloway and was writing it all through I923 and I924. She began it as a short story and for a short time hesitated whether to expand it into a full-length novel. Early in I 92 3 she had decided upon its being a novel; she called it at first The Hours, but finally went back to the original title Mrs Dalloway.

There must be many best-sellers of the year I 9 24 which did not sell a copy or earn their authors a penny in the year I963. I shall later on give from time to time the figures of Virginia's sales and earnings; here I will give only one other fact to show how sudden and unpredictable are the movements in the market where writers sell their wares. Five years after I 924, the year in which Virginia earned£ 3 8 by her books, she earned£ 2,06 3 by her books. This astronomical increase after the six years of complete stagnation was due partly to Mrs Dalloway, published in I 92 5, and To the Lighthouse, publish"ed in I 92 7, but still more to Orlando, which was published in I928.

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