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By Ivan Nyklíček, Ad Vingerhoets, Marcel Zeelenberg

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"Emotion legislation deals a much-needed corrective to the traditional medical knowledge, updating the data base on feelings - particularly their expression and inhibition - as they have an effect on tension, well-being, and future health. a world workforce of researchers from a number of fields deal with conflicting affect/health theories, and supply the newest findings on inter- and intrapersonal services of feelings while Read more...

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Construction of Alexithymia Types The following features of alexithymia are discerned by Vorst and Bermond (2001) in the Bermond Vorst Alexithymia Questionnaire (BVAQ): (a) reduced ability to differentiate between emotional feelings, (b) reduced ability to fantasize, (c) reduced ability to verbalize emotional experiences, (d) reduced ability to experience emotional feelings, and (e) “pensée opératoire” (Marty & M’Uzan, 1963), or a reduced tendency to reflect upon emotions. The alexithymia types can be created by using the second order factor structure, representing a cognitive (a, c, e) and an affective (b, d) dimension of the BVAQ.

Individuals who fail to meet the criteria belonging to these five types have mixed profiles. Alexithymia Types and Personality Disorders The sample in the first study consisted of a mixed group of 105 psychiatric patients (28 males and 75 females, 19 to 77 years of age; two missing values regarding age). All patients were volunteers who had signed an informed consent. The following six groups could be distinguished: (1) chronic psychiatric patients in an open ward with a complex pathology who were under 24 hours attendance; (2) patients in an open ward receiving short-term psychotherapy for mixed psychiatric disorders; (3) patients recovering from Axis-1 disorders after a serious negative life event; (4) patients receiving long-term psychotherapy of neurotic and/or depressive symptoms, life-span problems, and personality disorders; (5) patients with a serious character neurosis with a prognosis of fundamental changes in personality; and (6) patients receiving part-time treatment for personality problems, lifespan problems, or mood disorders with an average treatment duration of 9 months.

T. (1976). Cognitive therapy and the emotional disorders. New York: International Universities Press. Beck, A. , & Associates (1990). Cognitive therapy of personality disorders. New York: Guilford Press. Becker, G. (1978). The mad genius controversy. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. Bell, C. (1975). The artistic problem In W. G. ), Clive Bell’s eye. Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press. , Vorst, H. C. P. (2006). Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 11, 332–360. Bloemendaal, A. F. , & Teijn, S. M. (1998). Alexithymie in de psychiatrie [Alexithymia in psychiatry].

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