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By Mohammadreza Hojat

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Human beings, despite age, intercourse, or nation of wellbeing and fitness, are designed via evolution to shape significant interpersonal relationships via verbal and nonverbal verbal exchange. The subject that empathic human connections are priceless to the physique and brain underlies all 12 chapters of this publication, within which empathy is seen from a multidisciplinary viewpoint that incorporates evolutionary biology; neuropsychology; scientific, social, developmental, and academic psychology; and well-being care supply and schooling.

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Enhancement of Empathy ............................................. Preamble Introduction Professionalism in Medicine Obstacles to Empathy in Patient Care Cynicism Paradigmatic Shift in the Health Care System Overreliance on Biotechnology The Amenability of Empathy to Change The State-Versus-Trait Debate Changes in Empathy During Professional Education Approaches to the Enhancement of Empathy Social and Counseling Psychology The Health Professions The Study of Literature and the Arts Narrative Skills Effectiveness of the Programs Recapitulation 12.

Empathy also has been discussed frequently in the psychoanalytic literature (Jackson, 1992) and in social psychology, counseling, and clinical psychiatry and psychology (Berger, 1987; Davis, 1994; Eisenberg & Strayer, 1987c; Ickes, 1997). Definitions, Descriptions, and Features A review of the literature indicates that there is more disagreement than agreement among researchers about the definition of empathy. Presenting a long list of definitions and descriptions of empathy would take us far beyond the intended scope and space constraints of this book.

More empirical research is needed to examine the degree of overlap between measures of empathy and sympathy. Empathy and Sympathy in the Context of Patient Care The distinction between sympathy and empathy has important implications for the clinician–patient relationship because joining the patient’s emotions, a key feature of sympathy, can impede clinical outcomes. A clinician should feel the patient’s feelings only to a limited extent to improve his or her understanding of the patient without impeding professional judgment (Starcevic & Piontek, 1997).

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