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Erotic Morality examines the position of the senses and the sentiments, specially contact, in ethical mirrored image and organization. relocating from natural problems corresponding to autism to culturally caused feeling issues discovered in dualistic philosophy, pornography, and a few sorts of sadomasochism, Linda Holler argues that reclaiming the sentient wisdom essential to our actual and ethical health and wellbeing calls for therapeutic the areas the place we became numb or hypersensitive to the touch. via contemplating ascetic practices designed to supply what Buddhists name mindfulness, Holler offers possible choices to damaging styles of activities dictated by way of desensitivity and routine conditioning.

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She had an older brother who teased her mercilessly and a father who, when he lived at home, was violent toward his wife but able to ignore everything else going on in the household. The abuse may have contributed complex developmental dynamics when combined with her autism. There is the further possibility of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), known to create sensory and emotional problems that are quite similar to AS. 25 Food, like sensory stimulation, trauma, and the effects of prenatal drug and alcohol use, alters the body’s chemistry and brain development.

The prefrontal cortex—once the target of prefrontal lobotomies and the only part of the brain to receive information from all sensory systems—helps to regulate memory, emotional life, and reactions to stress. Emotional awareness resides in the prefrontal cortex, and it is part of the brain known to be central to human practical reason, social life, and decision making. ”48 If a child has been comforted when distressed, these pathways will be strengthened. Neglected and abused children (in that order) are primed to fight or flee while they are also less able biologically to cope with distress.

Donna Williams credits rocking with providing her a sense of security and release from built-up tension and anxiety. She thinks that both rocking and spinning may provide a feeling of containment, the feeling of being and dwelling comfortably in one’s body, a feeling that infants normally acquire by being held. ) Rocking is observed in grief and mourning as well as in forms of meditation and prayer. Like the wringing of hands or the manipulation of rosary beads, rocking releases frustration and eliminates distractions.

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