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By Karl Marcuse

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The paintings of Woodworking - end Carpentry

This hardcover quantity covers end carpentry fundamentals (tools, cuts, and comparability of wooden species), in addition to subject matters resembling molding, paneling, home windows, doorways, and stairs. features a word list of woodworking phrases besides a variety of illustrations and images.

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Woodthesamethickness asthewindow to onebyone,or nailor screwthemtogether WINDOWS r) lnstalling theextension in placeas Z Fasten thelambextension (page youdidto installthewindow 59). fhen shimsto ensure to thewallstudsthrough nailtheextension t h es h i m sA. d di n s u l a t i oi nnt h ee m p t y theextension. lf it is setbackfromthewall,usea raspor a (above, left)Iocutthedrywall downuntilit is flushwith shaver intoanypartofthewallthat willnot theextension. Avoid cutting Next,markthereveal around thejamb becovered bythecasing.

I I I I I t t I I I I I I I I I I I I t I I I I I I I r) Installing the boardsalonga wall L Oncethe two boardsareinstalledat the outsrdecorner,slipthe grooveof a new . a i lt h e b o a r dt o t h e w a l l b o a r di n p l a c e N through i t st o n g u em , a k i n gs u r ea l l t h e t o p sa r el e v e lC . o n t i n u ae l o n gt h e w a l lt h e s a m ew a y ,f i t t i n gg r o o v e so v e rt o n g u e s (right)andnailingthe boardsin place. I I t 44 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I t I PANELING C h e c k i nfgo r p l u m b Q r .

Nce t h e t o p r a i l i s i n p l a c e y, o uc a n i n s t a l l b a s e b o a rm d o l d i n g( p a g e2 4 ) a n d a c a p ( n a s e . 3 8 )P r o c e e tdo t h e n e x tw a l l rail a n dw o r ky o u rw a ya r o u n dt h e r o o m ,u s i n g b u t tj o i n t sa t i n s i d ec o r n e ras n dm i t e r i n g o u t s i d ec o r n e r s . In conjunction usedto decorate with fiame-and-panel wainscoting(page 46),apaneledceilingcanadddepthand warmth to a den or study. Finally,set a veneered plyruoodpanelinto eachbox and installa frameof moldingto hold thepanelin place.

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