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By Stephie Davis

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Certainly, i do not are looking to attend the semiformal with a pity date, that is why I advised my associates i've got a boyfriend: this quite lovable drummer, Rafe. (I wish!) what is the tremendous deal? good, Rafe already has a female friend, plus now he thinks i've got a boyfriend. So i've got imaginary boyfriends, and nonetheless no date for the dance. What used to be I even considering? could a man like Rafe ever date a no one like me?

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I grinned. “See? ” Delilah still looked skeptical. ” Well, it probably would be, right? I mean, he seemed like a belly-buttonring kind of guy. Val sat back in the chair. “It looks good. ” “Not at all,” I lied. Erin sighed. “I’m so jealous. ” Relief rushed through me at the genuine look of envy on her face. She had no idea as to the truth, and that was the way it would stay, until I could fix my life and actually have something worthwhile to talk about. I dropped my shirt back down as Mrs. Griffith walked into the room and ordered us to our seats.

My plan for the moment was to start to date this Inverness guy, whoever he was, fall in love, and then “break up” with Rafe. Or something like that, so long as it ended with Rafe out of the picture and no one realizing I’d lied about him being my boyfriend. “I don’t know which one’s yours,” Erin said. ” “Lesley? ” Unlike Rafe. He had a great name. “Obviously it’s not a girl’s name,” Delilah said. ” The boys broke out of their huddle around the coach, and suddenly there were three guys jogging toward us clutching their lacrosse sticks.

I snorted. ” He shrugged. ” 46 Uh-oh. I’d forgotten she was his aunt. I tried to recover. “I’m sure she can be, but I don’t bring it out in her. ” He fell silent, and I didn’t know what to say, but it didn’t feel like an awkward silence. It felt sort of comfortable. ” I almost choked. ” “A ride. You need one? Paige had to leave early, so we’re calling it a night. ” Omigosh. ” My heart was racing so fast that my chest actually hurt. “I just need to run inside and call my mom . ” He set a phone in my hand, his fingers brushing against my palm.

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