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Motion (with a few contemplation) -- From mass to megachurch -- From type to streets -- From streets to jungle -- From jungle to struggle -- From battle to concrete jungle -- Contemplation (with a few motion) -- homicide and the mass -- Pagan Christianity -- look for no accessory: or, the impossibility of nondenominationalism -- On being a part of a bad association: or, how you can deal with the church like a (dysfunctional) family members -- paintings and apocalypse

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For the record, I too look at such depictions of fourteen-year-olds seeking to “change their generation for Christ” with a pain similar to watching home movies in which I embarrass myself. In Jesus Camp, kids who have barely internalized the Christian message and know little or nothing of Christian tradition are recruited to be its zealous evangelists—primed with a dichotomous sense of good and evil, culture war, and the “otherness” of every neighbor not in the congregation. They know nothing of other Christian denominations, but they are prepared to slander them all as falling short.

Matter is surprising and miraculous, if only we can see that. A certain reading of Christianity had obscured that from my mind. With such seeds of thought planted and germinating in my mind, I began to look with new eyes upon ants, monkeys, trees, and water. Waiting on the dock for the boat into Guatemala, we looked to the horizon to see an ominous and truly gigantic storm, deep black and blue, crawling over the sea. Looking upon this looming giant, growing by the minute, I strangely felt comforted.

This sparked a movement of people on campus to get involved. The newly formed student group continued to visit with homeless people in Philadelphia, bringing lunches along after Shane and others graduated. They raised money, awareness, and donated-clothing—sometimes achieved through campus events and small festivals. When I arrived at Eastern, my friends and I quickly jumped in, mixing YACHT in with our academic lives. One of the first events I organized was the “Global Feast,” in which dinner attendees were divided into economic groups, proportionate to the world population.

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