Giving an Account of Oneself by Judith P. Butler PDF

By Judith P. Butler

ISBN-10: 0823225038

ISBN-13: 9780823225033

This e-book is fabulous! I recomend it to somebody accustomed to Butler's paintings (though it's very precise from a lot of her older paintings) or for an individual who thinks it seems to be even the slightest bit attention-grabbing. whether you disagree with Butler, the e-book will not disappoint!

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This has led some critics of Hegel to conclude that the Hegelian subject effects a wholesale assimilation of what is external into a set of features internal to itself, that its characteristic gesture is one of appropriation and its style that of imperialism. Other readings of Hegel, however, insist that the relation to the other is ecstatic,13 that the ‘‘I’’ repeatedly finds itself outside itself, and that nothing can put an end to the repeated upsurge of this exteriority that is, paradoxically, my own.

To know oneself as limited is still to know something about oneself, even if one’s knowing is afflicted by the limitation that one knows. ’’ Kafka offers several instances of how this kind of ethical violence works. ’’6 His father condemns him to death by drowning, and Georg is rushed from the room, as if by the force of the utterance itself, and over the side of the bridge. Of course, that utterance has to appeal to a psyche disposed to satisfy the father’s wish to see the son dead, as the verb tenses in the story also confirm, so the condemnation cannot work unilaterally.

For her, the very structure of address through which the question is posed gives us a clue to understanding its significance. ’’ This question assumes that there is an other before us whom we do not know and cannot fully apprehend, one whose uniqueness and nonsubstitutability set a limit to the model of reciprocal recognition offered within the Hegelian scheme and to the possibility of knowing another more generally. Cavarero underscores the kind of action that this speech act performs, grounding herself in an Arendtian conception of the social, which she mines for its ethical import.

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