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By T. L. J. Lawrence, V. R. Fowler

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An realizing of the procedures that fluctuate the form and composition of cattle is prime to all points of construction. The publication offers a accomplished photo of ways animals develop, swap suit and in composition, and of the standards which impact progress techniques and dictate the level and course of adjustments in the animal. it's an up-to-date variation of a well-liked undergraduate scholar textbook. The authors have retained the subjects of the 1st variation yet have up-to-date and further new chapters.

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Intramolecular cross-linkage also occurs but its functional significance is not clear. The various cross-linkages found vary in stability during the growth of the animal but become stable in non-reducible forms when the animal is mature. The structure and arrangement of elastin fibres differ according to their origin. They are embedded in a mucopolysaccharide ground substance, of which the chondroitin sulphates are most important. Essentially, elastin has a rubber-like consistency and consists of randomly coiled peptide chains cross-linked at intervals by stable chemical bonds, and the extent and stability of the cross-links, even in immature tissue, is much greater than in collagen.

Anaphase Furrow 6. Telophase 7. Formation of daughter cells Fig. 7. The stages of mitosis: 1, interphase nucleus; 2, early prophase; 3, late prophase; 4, metaphase; 5, (mid-)anaphase; 6, telophase; 7, two daughter cells. 1. The phases of mitosis. Phase Nucleus Nucleolus Cytoplasm Interphase Little structure apparent Distinct appearance; contains RNA and protein and is centre for synthesis of ribosomal material Protein synthesis Prophase Early Chromosomes: (1) condense and RNA deposited on chromosomal strands (2) appear double stranded, spiralize independently and lie beside one another Shrinks and finally disappears Centrioles (two in each dividing cell) lie adjacent to nuclear membranes as hollow cylinder-like structures.

This is the ENDOCHONDRAL major influence in increasing bone length and the epiphyseal plate and the diaphysis adjacent to it constitute what is often referred to as the growing zone of the long bone. The region directly adjacent to the epiphyseal plate on the diaphyseal side is known as the metaphysis of the bone. This is composed of bony trabeculae and eventually bones funnel out and increase in diameter as they approach their epiphyses (Fig. 6). To maintain appropriate proportions and shape this flared section must continually be reabsorbed from the outside.

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