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By Michelle Zink

ISBN-10: 0316034479

ISBN-13: 9780316034470

The final word conflict among sisters is nearing, and its consequence may have catastrophic effects. As 16 year-old Lia Milthorpe searches for how to finish the prophecy, her dual sister Alice hones the talents she'll have to defeat Lia. Alice will cease at not anything to reclaim her sister's position within the prophecy, and that is no longer the one factor she desires: there is additionally Lia's boyfriend James.Lia and Alice consistently knew the Prophecy may flip these closest to them opposed to them. yet they did not be aware of what betrayal could lead on them to do. in spite of everything, just one sister could be left status.

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Sonia calls over her shoulder. She is already pulling away from me, but I don’t mind. Giving Sonia an edge on horseback makes me feel that we are still on equal footing, even if it is with something as simple as a friendly horse race. I spur Sargent forward, leaning over his neck as his muscled legs break into a run. His mane licks like ebony fire toward my face and I cannot help but admire his glistening coat and superior speed. I catch up to Sonia rather quickly but pull back on the reins a little, maintaining my position just behind her gray horse.

It’s hot and smoky inside. ” Her gaze drifts to my companion. I look at him, wondering if he thinks me rude. “This is my friend, Sonia Sorrensen. Sonia, this is… I’m sorry. ” He hesitates before making a small, formal bow before us. “Dimitri. Dimitri Markov. ” Even in the dim light of the garden, Sonia cannot hide her curiosity. “I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. ” It’s obvious she would much prefer to stay here and determine what I am doing in the garden with a dark and handsome stranger than go inside for dinner.

Shhhhh! The cook makes them, of course. And be quiet, will you? ” Luisa straightens her back. ” I try to make my expression disapproving, but somehow I know that it is not. “Oh, I have missed you all! ” Luisa sets down her teacup with a dainty clink. “Our ship docked just this morning. And none too soon, either! ” I remember the rough crossing Sonia and I made from New York to London. I am not as prone to motion sickness as Luisa, but even still, it was not a pleasant journey. “We would have met you at the wharf had we known you were coming,” Sonia says.

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